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Today on the menu, road trip: 700 km from Berlin to Amsterdam. After a nice rest and dance in the capital of Germany, we are ready for a loooong journey to our next group SMiLE. We are so excited to finally meet Amsterdam! But until then, we had to pass through Potsdam, Hanover and many other cities until we finally entered the small and coquette Netherlands. Everything here seems so neat and tidy and … chill. Cute highways, cute cows grazing the green-green fields and really nice towns and cities.

About 90 km from Amsterdam we decide to call it a day, so we pull over in this sweet town entitled Apeldoorn :D Everything so clean and organized. Nice little brick houses, lots of bike lanes, cute tiny outside window shades that made everything seem like a fairy tale. The sun was setting in the far horizon and our stomachs were growling in the more near vicinity :D And as the story goes, a fairy tale pizzeria was on our way, so we followed our instincts to have a pizza party night. And of course, the fairy tale Monday discount prices were still in place, so we paid a preposterously 10 euros for 2 medium veggie pizzas that you can see in the pictures below. Yummy or what?

All in all, it was a Funday (not Monday): we drove through nice places, we ate in parking lots, hiked in some random forest near the highway, ate some wild raspberries we found around, had ourselves a nice pizza party and readied ourselves for the BIG day tomorrow. Amsterdam here we are! Full bellies, ready to SMiLE.

Until then… Just SMiLE !!!

… and listen here to the song we dance and SMiLE every day :)

eating parking


pe butuci






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