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Budapesta bicicleta

We think the world was waiting for our SMiLE tour to start. People in Budapest were so nice and warm and … FUN! Yes! We did it! Our first day on the road just ended. And boy… what a day. We need to begin with a BIIIIG hug to all our fans and friends who supported us. Yes our Kickstarter project got funded !!!!!! It was an adrenalinic last 30 hours where more than 10 new backers stepped in and pledged around 1000 euros to finally get the total needed to run the project. As you know, we are already on the way. Actually we were just entering Budapest when we got the crazy good news. So … now we have the full amount we need to get this done the proper way. So we’ll do it. Still together: you and us!

These being said … let’s get going! :) Budapest was a hit! A bit tiring for us as it was the first day and we are just getting used to all different little thingies that such a road trip means. Eating on the road, sleeping in the car, going to the toilet…. wherever you can :D , getting lost in the city, the mess in the car etc. That’s why we decided to pay a visit to IKEA and buy us some cute little shelf thingies to hang on the car windows to make it neater. We’ll post tomorrow some picture. Until then, we let you return to Oxana riding those bikes like crazy! We know you are wondering what’s happening there. Well you’ll find our soon :)

We are getting close to Bratislava now, where we will tuck ourselves in and have sweet smiley dreams until tomorrow when we have big plans to fill Bratislava and Vienna with SMiLEs. Talk to you tomorrow guys! Thanks for reading and reaching to us. Don’t be shy to leave us comments about what you would like to find out from our travels.

Just SMiLE! :D

Budapest crazyness with smile stamp


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