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Next stop Ukraine. Name of the festival: “Trypilske kolo” which translates as: Trypillian circle and presents super-dooper alternative life-styles :) This year we were so happy to hear from the organizers who invited us to take part in this great idea.

We found out that the festival is in its 17th year so it has a long lasting tradition. The interesting thing about “Trypilske Kolo” is that it has a five-year cycle and is devoted to one of the elements of nature every year: Water, Earth, Fire and Air and then a combination of all: The Parade of Elements. This year, water is the next element. Sounds interesting to us ;) Even more than this, the festival is a smoking, drinking and drug free area as this supports one of the main principles of the festival: healthy way of life for all!

It seems that this summer it so happened to have Ukraine on our list, because in July we’ll be playing at Woodstock somewhere near the Polish border. See you there for those of you who will be present! If not, we’ll send you a postcard :P

You can see here a video from the last editions:


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