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Music nowadays has so many ramifications. There is so much more on the mainstream than ever before. And as in any side of art or work when everybody can do anything, it’s bound to get messy :)

Of course each one with their own tastes. We’re not here to comment on that. But there is so much shallow music floating around our ears, that it’s impossible not to start jingling along tunes you never liked. It’s just addictive.

Music is so popular that it became a way of communication, like speaking. Just as speaking can become a nonsense talk when one just blabbers about everything and anything, music too can become empty when the subject matter rolls back and forth on things like: summer time and the sea, sex, money, bitches etc. What we found extremely hilarious is that there is a new current that tries to express the lack of profoundness in today’s music by parodying music itself. And really it’s made on such a high level of production, music and video that one could believe that the guys are really serious. But, yes, you realize it’s just a way of expressing how easy it is to make a song about nothing at all, use nice vocals and lyric techniques and have great success.

But enough talk. We’ll let you have your laugh. Watch this. What do you think?


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