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There is always a fine line between passion and obsession. As such, we don’t know where to place Oxana’s favorite recreation: collecting cows. If you ask why cows, well… is there a need to be a reason? She just likes them. Especially the black and white ones, and especially if they are smiling. The range of cows goes from simple plush toys to complex devices like lighters where the cow breathes fire through its nostrils or CD storage cows, which hold CDs in the belly. Of course she has also Olympic cows, with medals of honor and simply fatty round ones which just roll from here to there and are great to…hug.

As you might guess, this is not a new passion. She’s been collecting ‚friends’ for over 10 years now so she has an impressive collection of socks, magnets, toys, singing and dancing cows. Really! One even dances. Hilarious!

And of course this all has some connection with music. We use Sanskrit in our songs so she calls them Surabhi cows. In Vedic literature, Surabhis are magical cows that can supply endless amount of milk and you can play and have fun with them. Not eat ;)

So you see, besides being an artist she is also a bit nuts – or I don’t know, maybe because of it ;) . It’s a real treat to sit and watch her as she gets sooo excited about her herd. She loves all of them and takes care for them not to feel neglected and to sleep with them one by one each night. Thus, the craziness picture is almost complete. The missing element is only pictures, which we prepared plenty for you to have a great laugh for the day. Leave a comment and tell us which one you like the most:


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