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Let’s say you have a jar; a nice transparent jar. In our opinion, jars are really underestimated nowadays. Most people don’t have much to say about these magical items. Why magical? Because they hold things together. And most important, they can hold cookies in them! :)

Yeap! If Modiwo was a jar, it would definitely hold cookies in it. And of course, not only one kind of cookies but a wide range of various tasty truffles, honey glazed biscuits, carob chocolate buns and flavored goodies. Yes! We like sweets!

Music can be many things to many people: fun, inspiration, relaxation, meditation and it can be the food one ‚eats’ everyday. This is what music means to us: we feed on what we play and invite others to taste from our ‘cookie jar’. You can savor them one by one each day, or many in the same time because there is no diabetes danger from what we create ;) One person even told us that when he listens to our music, he doesn’t think about any of his favorite foods. So there you go! You listen and you feel the sweetness right away. Our music can become your daily dose of sugar, honey, stevia and different other sweeteners ;) So Modiwo is one BIG cookie. Everyone has their top favorite deserts. Imagine a cookie which changes its flavor while you eat it. Every chew has a new taste of a different sweet you like. In this way, you don’t get bored and you experience new and new aromas in every bite. Cool or what?


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