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The style we play in can be described in many ways. The simplest way is to call it alternative World Music, as we already do. A more complicated way is to call it Urban Tribal World Fusion. We feel that there is a tendency nowadays to continuously look for something new, fresh and why not, a little bit weird. There are no more „simple” musical styles. Everybody looks for some new mixture of different styles and sounds. Even the standard genres like pop. rock, dance etc. are quite saturated by the „old” kind of sound. That’s why all the k-pop and dubstep and myriads of alternative rocks easily find their way in the charts. Progressive is the cool term for what we call weird :) Yeap, there are so many cool weird artists in the world. And they are the ones who create cornerstones in music.

Modiwo also tries to find its way in the group of original „weird” artists that bring innovative ideas to the world of music. We play what we feel and this is a good start. :) Meaning that we don’t call ourselves a rock band or a pop-rock band and create in that certain style. We just find new and new inspirational ideas, influences, feelings, life experiences and instruments in order to be able to express ourselves in different musical styles, be it rock, pop, reggae, dubstep, jazz, folk, metal or whatever helps us describe our inner world. We see a great opportunity in this, because in this way, music is no longer bound to a particular style, beat, groove, but it’s free, as it should be.

So it stops being a fight between the urban and the tribal, but a unique harmony between the two opposites. This is where tradition comes in. There are so many really cool traditional sounds, instruments and rhythms that just wait to be explored and put into new perspective. And this is what we do. We take the tribal and put it in an urban kind of manner to fit the need for new, for something „weird”.

Maybe a more practical way to explain this would be for you listen to our song „The Call” on our SoundCloud or on our audio section: That should do the trick ;)

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