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After concerts people come to us (smile up to their ears) and try to describe what they feel when they listen to us. The funny thing is they hardly ever manage. Seems like before coming, they had everything clear in their mind, but when trying to express it, they can’t. So, many of them just say…’you guys make me feel good’. And this is in fact all we need to hear. Right there! Mission accomplished :) We don’t need fancy words. The simplicity of people who like our music is so disarming that makes us keep doing what we like: creating an uplifting mood in our songs and on the stage.

Our way of creating music and the end result of it is certainly not common for some. Most of people don’t know how to label us. We call it World Music because it is World’s Music. It’s what the World gives us and we just translate it through out own feelings. We also call it alternative because we use so many different styles of various contemporary and traditional inspiration. But the truth is that we are music rebels and we play whatever inspires us, even if that means going from one style of music to another in the same song or through 10 instruments in one song. This makes it difficult for some people to understand what we are actually playing.  Still, we try to put our inspiration in a way that can be felt by as many of you so yes, we admit we think of ways of reaching as many people as possible. We do it because this is our goal, to share our joy of life with you. The mood that we set in our songs is what makes everything move. And that’s what people try to express when they come to us after concerts.

We see music not as something standard and static, but as an ever moving river of so many ingredients that take you on a colorful journey through cultures and feelings. That’s why we never run out of inspiration and that’s why our music is always so fresh to us and to our listeners. Because the inexhaustible World is our ground of inspiration.




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