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OM rest at Padina Fest 1

Summer and fun are practically synonymous. Summer is the time when it’s the BIG school break, when people go on holidays, at the seaside, mountains, exotic countries and the time when there are so many activities to choose from that you wish all year long was summer.

Be it summer or winter we also love to have fun. As a band, the most fun we have is on our road trips and different concerts and festivals we take part in. Last year, when Modiwo rebranding was still being built and we were still known as ‚OM’, we went around on a concert tour. One of our stops were ‘Padina Fest’, where tents were our and everybody’s lodging. By the way, if you ever go there, take your warm sleeping bags with you. Even if during the day is 25 degrees Celsius, during the night it gets to about 5 degrees which is pretty radical for summer time. It happened to us and it really wasn’t the most pleasant experience. That’s why, the second day we took advantage of the blazing Sun and filled up with energy and warmth all day. And because we managed to get some footage from some of the different crazy fun stuff we did, we thought to share it with you in a small video called: „Modiwo rest at Padina Fest” :) I presume the name says it all, so with no further ado, enjoy the clip!


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