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It was a quiet, peaceful evening. The dark countryside road was roamed about only by light bugs and whispering winds. In the courtyard, Begemot the Brave was resting its furry head on its big paws. If it were a human, would probably be snoring by now. All of a sudden, inside the cozy house a weird drone broke the silence. Jagganath the Cat scrambled in all directions and finally managed to find the exit door in a desperate run for survival. And that’s how it all began. The electronic arpeggio sound of the keyboard ever intensifies the grave didgeridoo drone captivating even nature’s attention; and this is what makes ‘Homeless Heart’ stand out in the crowds. It’s a combination of two opposites: the tribal and the urban. And this is also what makes Modiwo sound distinguishable and ‘Homeless Heart’ one of our favorite songs. The contrast is so strong that it cannot go unnoticed and the effect created makes it all happen. Then, we have the flute which is the link between the two worlds. The flute is both a classical instrument and a modern one and its groove reminds one of the light bugs and the wind in a warm night; makes you curious and amazed at the same time. The bass guitar paces the tune as does our heavy Begemot the Brave, guarding through the whole song.  And of course, Jagganath the Cat is the crazy drum frenzy that sometimes resembles a random desperate runaway, but at the same being very swift and agile like our Jaggie the Cat :) .

That’s how it came about us: all inspirational ingredients were present, Oxana found the electrifying mood and Adi came up with the tribal didgeridoo drone. Everything under the muse of a simple native rural night in the middle of this World called Home. Then why is it called ‘Homeless Heart’? Well… you’ve got to find out from our next blog ;)

Till then… Keep up with us!



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