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370_Crying Umbrellas_Jackie

Our love for fresh music inspired us to introduce the concept of World Music in Romania. Our love for everything that is funky and can go deep inside the public’s soul made us introduce to you, our fans, Alternative World Music, a blend of various cultures and genres, that have limitless inspiration for artists, a musical origami, a mosaic spirit that you can now hear from Modiwo!

Our music is a mirror to our feelings. You reflect our love for life and spirituality beyond all that is material in the world. During concerts, we have the chance to interact with so many people and we flinch when we feel thousands of mirrors reflecting our joy, our passion for music and sending us back all their energy and embracing their deep feelings. The storm is full of strength and so are everybody’s feelings. Whatever we live, think and do, leave a powerful footprint on our inner world. This shapes our character and delineates our decisions wether related to music, food or the kind of job we will have. Everything is interdependent, including languages, cultures, musical genres, people and all that surrounds us. We take all these and reflect them in our songs which become mirrors like portals to a world of true feelings.

And that’s what makes this journey worthwhile. We swim in this world full of sounds and come ashore with new ideas to share with you. Dive in and enjoy!


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