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There is a strong connection between a band and its fans. This connection is the defining element that leads to success. The way to success is built step by step. The style of music and personality is the foundation of a strong relationship between fans and musicians, which further enhances the meaning of the music among the public. This connection empowers both to give each other what they are looking for, it’s an exchange of respect, appreciation, joy and energy.

Connecting our fans together is a great start for a lasting relationship between people who share the same passion: music. We dedicate time, energy and moments of inspiration creating songs, defining ideas that fit you and us, both. We use social channels to keep in touch with you, to share our experiences or inspirations. But, during a concert, the connection becomes stronger. We are no longer musicians and fans. We are friends, gathered together to enjoy the sound of the Univers. Even if we have concerts in different cities or locations, it’s the same feeling everywhere, because the message of the songs, the energy and the environment are the same.

You are part of our team! We share ideas, thoughts, passions. If you support us and you find yourself in our songs, we will grow together! Take part at every step in our evolution, keep up with us and enjoy the journey because the World sounds like us!




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