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Funky music lives on

‘Funk’ can’t be completely described in words. Funk is at the extremes of everything. Funk is traditional, old, yet funk is sophisticated. Funk can be out of control, like a bouncing bundle of energy, or instinctively elegant. Funk is a way out and a way in. Funk is all over the place. You see funky people everywhere and every day. They are self-styled, creative, in touch with themselves, free of inhibitions and capable of tapping instincts and celebrating the human condition in all its forms. Funkiness is a way of life…

And yes, we are funky! If you take a look at our photos, body painting, clothes and listen to our music, you can say we fit perfectly with the description above. Our music is funky, too. It can be energetic when we feel and live the influences of alternative styles. But, it can also be sophisticated and elegant when we are talking about World Music. Another funky aspect is the instruments we are using (didgeridoo, jaw-harp, shakuhachi, kazoo), the different kinds of drums (djembe, doumbek, udu, wave), with interesting and far out histories. Funky means uniting the opposites and creating something unique. In our songs we mix tradition and different cultures, the part of World Music, with the modernity of alternative music. The result is something funky, unique and unutterable.

The first word that comes in our head about funky music is the comeback of different times. We can take the funky music in the future by being a part of it.  So, let the funky music live on through you!

We dare you listen to our electro-funk song called ‘Homeless’ on our SoundCloud


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