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The word “Fruit” represents our vision about the world. It’s funky, healthy, it’s a boost of energy and you can choose from a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people and tongue. It’s a world mosaic mix. It’s …Modiwo.

“Fruit Fusion” as a musical gift is about our fruit raising project. We will have a series of concerts, and the entrance fee is one kilo of fruits. All the fruits will be collected and donated to children and elder people shelters. We say it’s an original Modiwo concept because it’s unique in Romania and it represents us as humans and musicians. Nowadays, money became an important value among people, and we want to bring a little humanity through our concerts.

Our “Fruit Fusion Caravan” stops for the first time on 13rd of April in Oradea where our friends from Acoustic 3O will open the event. Our second concert will be on the 20th of April in Baia Mare and the third concert will be on the 25th of April in Cluj-Napoca. We want to promote this concept all over the country and, why not, maybe in the future, outside the country. We hope our songs will make you feel healthier on the inside. On the outside, it all depends on you! We invite you to take part at our show! Bring your vitamins! We will bring the joy and energy!

Click here for more info about each event.

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